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Missing teeth leave holes in your smile that are unsightly and bad for your oral health. The Dental Office of Dr. Igor Babenkov, D.D.S. in Roseville, California, can improve the look and functioning of your smile by replacing missing teeth with high-quality dental implants. To learn more about what dental implants can do for your appearance and oral health, schedule a consultation today by calling the office or booking a visit online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a cutting-edge solution for replacing missing teeth. They’re tiny, titanium screws that function as artificial tooth roots. 

Dental implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone. Because your body doesn’t recognize titanium as a foreign substance, your dental implant actually fuses with your jawbone as you heal.

A fused dental implant provides excellent support and stability for Dr. Babenkov to place a restoration or dental appliances like a crown, bridge, or removable partial or complete dentures. 

Dental implants are strong and durable, and effectively restore the look, feel, and function of your smile for many years. They occasionally need to be re-tightened or replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Why should I get dental implants?

Dental implants can improve your smile, oral health, and quality of life in a number of ways, such as:

  • Replacing missing teeth without having to alter the surrounding teeth
  • Preventing the rest of your teeth from shifting into the missing tooth space
  • Resolving or preventing jaw problems due to shifting teeth
  • Improving your ability to properly eat and speak
  • Preventing bone loss by stimulating your jawbone
  • Maintaining the shape of your face
  • Providing a more comfortable and secure foundation for a bridge or denture

Dental implants also help to restore your confidence in your smile. By looking, feeling, and functioning just like natural teeth, dental implants will almost make you think that you’ve just regrown your missing teeth!

What’s the process for getting dental implants?

Before getting dental implants. Dr. Babenkov takes X-rays and impressions to determine if you have enough bone, gum tissue, and space in your mouth for implants. If you need more healthy bone tissue to support an implant, Dr. Babenkov will administer a bone graft. 

Once your mouth can support the implant, Dr. Babenkob numbs you with a local anesthetic, makes a tiny incision in your gum, drills a small hole in your jawbone, and places the implant. He stitches you up and sends you home to wait while your mouth heals and the implant fuses to your jaw, which can take up to six months. 

Depending on the type of implant you’re getting, you might have to come back for another visit to place the “abutment,” which is a small post that sticks up out of the implant and holds your restoration. Some implants already have the abutment attached when inserted into your jawbone, making this second visit unnecessary. 

Once your implant is ready for your restoration, you come back for another visit so that Dr. Babenkov can place your restoration. After he affixes your custom-designed crown, bridge, or dentures to your implant, you’ll be able to chew, speak, and smile with confidence again.

You care for your implant and restoration just as you would a natural tooth. Brush twice a day, floss regularly, and maintain routine cleanings and exams with Dr. Babenkov.

To learn more about how Dr. Babenkov can improve your smile and oral health with a dental implant, schedule a visit today by phone or online.