Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Sparkling After Teeth Whitening

Having a great smile helps you feel attractive and comfortable in social situations and allows you to flash a big grin for every selfie. To have a gorgeous smile, you need clean, white teeth, and professional teeth whitening is the best way to make your smile shine. Once you’ve gotten your teeth whitened, you want to keep your teeth sparkling for as long as possible. Here’s how.

What causes teeth stains?

White teeth gradually become yellow with age and staining, making teeth look really unattractive. Stains and discolorations can be caused by:

Dr. Igor Babenkov, DDS, is a highly skilled dentist and teeth whitening specialist. He can brighten your smile and works with you to develop a plan for keeping your teeth white in between treatments.

Tips for keeping your teeth sparkling

With a few good habits, it’s possible to keep your teeth looking clean and bright for many months after your teeth whitening treatment. 

Watch what you eat

Many bright- and dark-colored foods leave stains on your teeth. Fruit such as blackberries and strawberries and other bright-colored foods like cherries and tomatoes can cause teeth stains. Dark chocolate can also cause stains, along with anything that’s artificially colored, such as candy.

If these foods are ones you really love, you don’t need to give them up just to keep your teeth white. Just remember to rinse your mouth out with water after eating foods that stain. Even better, brush your teeth after eating these foods because it’s a great dental health habit that helps your teeth in many other ways.

Think about your drinks

There are also a number of drinks that can cause stains on your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Dark- and bright-colored sodas stain your teeth, too, and they can also damage your enamel layer, which can lead to staining. To counteract this, rinse with water or brush your teeth after consuming staining beverages, or use a straw so there’s limited contact with your teeth.

Brush and floss

Good dental habits keep your teeth clean and looking bright. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day go a long way toward this goal. An even better habit is to brush after you eat or drink, especially if you consume foods or drinks that can stain your teeth.

See your dentist regularly

Regular visits to your dentist also help keep your teeth looking sparkling bright in between whitening treatments. Most dentists recommend a teeth cleaning every six months, and they may apply a flouride treatment to help protect your teeth from stains. 

A bright, beautiful smile can be yours with teeth whitening from Dr. Babenkov, and a few healthy habits on your part can keep bright and sparkling in between whitening treatments. Call our office, or click to make an appointment today.

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